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Turning your love of food into a side hustle

Four in 10 people in Britain now run at least one business alongside their primary job, a new study has found. The popularity of so-called ‘side hustles’ has grown with the rise of the internet and social media which allow anybody to build a brand and promote a product online. If you have a love for food and feel like turning it into a passion project, a way to make extra income and possibly one day become your full-time gig, then its time to start a side hustle.

Find your niche

Now you have decided to start up, the key question is what niche to specalise in. Whether you’re partial to bread, falafel, pizza, Thai food, ice cream, it’s likely that there’s an unexploited gap in the local food scene. Obviously, it’s best to go with what you know. If you can deliver a unique style of food to the masses in your area, you’ll greatly increase your chances of success. Find out what is already out there and see if you can find a gap. For many people, something from their home country or hometown that you can bring into the area you are in now is a winning formula.

Settle on a product or service

Once you know your niche, decide on what your product or service will be. Are you going to write about food? Possibly reviewing the eateries in your town and posting to your blog and social media channels. Maybe you’re going to make and sell food such as birthday cakes, health food bars or juices. You could decide that your niche is going to be Gluten free produce. Find out if anyone specialises in Gluten-free birthday cakes in your area and if not, you’re in business.

Establish your channels

Get the idea for a protein-packed snack while training in a CrossFit gym? Then visit all the similar gyms in your area and ask if you can sell it in their premises. This type of channel is a natural fit and underpinned the success for RXBar which by 2016 was doing over $36 million in sales, and in November 2017 was sold to Kellogg’s for $600 million. If there are markets in your city, find out how much it costs to get a stand and work out how much you would need to sell to break even. Don’t just see it as an opportunity to shift product, but also an opportunity to get your brand out there and meet buyers in the real world. Social media and a website are a must to promote your service. You could also consider facebook and google advertising to reach your target audience.

Make it legit

This is an industry that is heavily regulated form a health and safety standpoint. Make sure that you have a place to work from that ticks all the boxes and make sure that you have the required certifications required in your area.

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