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Three reasons to rent out your treatment room or salon chair on Occupyd

We know, we’ve been there, budgets are tight and you’ve just sunk a fistful of cash into running your business. Fitting out and maintaining your therapy room or salon is an extremely difficult proposition. What if we told you there’s a solution which doesn’t involve any extra overhead from you or your business?

It’s simple. If your space is only being used for a portion of the day, you should be able to hire it out on when it’s not in use. Business owners are constantly forced to find extra revenue solutions around every corner – we’re Occupyd and we’re here to help you do that.

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Three reasons you should rent out your treatment room or salon chair on Occupyd

1) Make additional revenue

If you have any chairs in your salon, or a therapy room which isn’t always being used, then you’re leaving money on the table. There are plenty of hairdressers or therapists out there who are self-employed and looking for a space to work. They may bring in their own clients or there may be enough passing trade that you actually need somebody. The money that they pay to use your chair or therapy room will directly offset your property costs!

2) No need for employees

Having employees creates all sorts of requirements for you as a business owner. Renting out your chair or therapy room to self-employed workers means that you are not required to have the same sort of insurance, holiday pay, dismissal procedures etc. as you would if they were your direct employees. Hastle free!

3) Good company

If you are working on your own or there is only a few of you, then having a couple of ‘hot seats’ with rotating users will introduce a new dynamic to your workplace. Anyone who you don’t get along with, you don’t need to have back!If you have salon chairs or a therapy room which isn’t always being used, then list them here and put your space to work!

Top Tips for Increasing Revenue with Occupyd

  • Make sure to include some photographs! 📸 
  • Include as much detail in your listing as possible 🖊
  • Test out different rental prices to see what your sweet spot is 💷

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