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Create Stripe account to get paid directly to your bank account

Occupyd offers a way for you to get paid directly into your bank account. It means your bookings will be set up with our secure payment system.

Create Stripe account now

Your earnings will be transferred to your bank account up to nine days after the end of the period in which the booking was made, the check out date.

If the booking is longer than one calendar month, the payment will be made in the last working day of each month, and you’ll continue to get paid on that date until the end of the booking.

A summary of your payments can be found in your bookings dashboard.

Setting up your payout account

We’ve integrated Stripe so your earnings are paid securely upfront and you are guaranteed to get your money directly to your bank account.

You have to ensure that you setup a payout account for this.

Create Stripe account now

To set up your payout account with our payment provider, Stripe, you might need to present additional documents – such as proof of address and ID.

This additional verification is not so fun, we know. But it is essential and helps to improve security and prevent fraud.

Creating a Stripe account:

  1. Go to your bookings dashboard and click “edit my payout account”
  2. Follow the instructions provided by Stripe
  3. Upload the relevant documents

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