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Shahzad, The Co-Dalston

Occupyd stories: The Co-Dalston Occupyd

“Whenever there’s downtime or empty spaces, Occupyd has allowed us to open up to more daily and short term bookings.”


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Meet Shahzad – the founder of The Co-Dalston, a coworking space and business incubator in the heart of East London.

He joined Occupyd in 2019 and has seen the platform grow since then. Shahzad uses Occupyd to rent his commercial space out when it’s not in use and generate extra income from it.

How does Occupyd make it easier for you to rent out your space?

To be honest, Occupyd is the best platform for us because it has a heavy push on the kitchen bookings, which is great for our concept. 

What occupyd has allowed us to do is whenever there’s downtime or empty spaces, it has allowed us to open up to more daily and short term bookings.

How was your first booking experience?

We were of course happy to accommodate the request and this was extra income which is great for us. It was a great experience overall. The booking was quite easy, the payment arrived within the allocated time and we were very happy with the process.

What challenges did you face before Occupyd?

We tried a number of different portals. For example, Gumtree is a popular one, but you can find a lot of time wasters there. So you get lots of enquiries, but it can take a lot of energy to qualify those leads. In a small team, when everybody is doing many things, it’s not the best source of enquiries.

Otherwise, most of our leads will come through our own website. But we then have to invest money into advertising and strategy to drive traffic and then convert this traffic into leads.

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Favourite feature

I have seen the dashboard and the messaging platform evolve over the last few months since we joined Occupyd. The messaging function is great – it’s great that I receive an email when there is a new enquire, so I can quickly access the message and reply them from my phone.

How is Occupyd support?

There’s always follow up emails and chances to speak with the team. I think that’s really great because you’re listening to feedback and you’re hearing our opinions and I can see the progression in the platform itself.

Occupyd is a great source of leads. They’re generally qualified and serious, and the team behind the platform is also very helpful and supportive.

Tell us a bit about The Co-Dalston

The Co-Dalston is a coworking space and startup incubator located in Dalston. We focus on supporting startups from the retail and food industry.

We have spaces for people who want to come and use a desk in a flexible way, we also have a coworking kitchen and we help businesses in a number of ways through educational programmes.

Who is Shahzad?

I’m the founder of The Co-Dalston. I was born and raised in East London, so it’s very close to my heart. I have done a lot to support the freelancer and the small business community here, but actually I started my first venture, which was a coworking space in Dubai, about six years ago.

That’s when I really got to understand the whole sharing economy and saw how coworking can be built from the ground up and how it’s now evolved into beyond offices, but also into retail and hospitality spaces.

Occupyd stories: The Co-Dalston Occupyd

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