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How to Start Delivery Only Kitchens in London

Whether you’re operating out of a ‘Dark Kitchen‘ or you’ve upgraded to a ‘Cloud Kitchen‘ the rise of the delivery-only restaurant is changing the food industry, a trend which is only expected to grow in the coming years. The benefits of the delivery only food business are a major topic for debate but the facts are; fewer overheads, quicker to market and savvy social media presences that can do a lot for business.

Occupyd – Make Space Work For You

We’re passionate about one key element at Occupyd.com, giving entrepreneurs and self-starters who need space, an opportunity to seize their moment through access to commercial spaces that fit their needs when they need it. We’ve put together a ‘Best Practice List of Tips for How to Run a Delivery Only Restaurant in the UK’  we hope all of you chefs and foodies out there will take a chance and be inspired by some of these tips, examples and most of all, the spaces that you can find yourself in, around London and the UK.

Top Seven Tips for Delivery-Only Food Business

  • Brand – Make the name and logo flashy and easy to remember.
  • Food – Keep your menu simple, this will save wastage costs until you know what works.
  • Location – Find a place that is serviced well by one of the industry leading food apps and has a high population density to keep you busy.
  • Relevance – make sure your food is interesting and sought after for the people in the area you’re operating from. This is culture, tastes and demographically related.
  • Delivery – choose your service well, what values does it offer you? Options in the UK include:
    • Deliveroo
    • Just Eat
    • Hungry House
    • Uber Eats
    • Foodhub

*want to learn more about the industry-leading apps? Check out our post on Selecting the Right Food Delivery App for your Delivery-Only Business.

  • Communication – Do you have a website, email and or phone where people can place orders directly?
  • Packaging – personalise the experience with packaging that says something about your brand, think about sustainability (card vs plastic)

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Learn from Successful Delivery Only Restaurant Examples

Occupyd is a leader in supplying commercial spaces to professionals in need but unfortunately, we’re not chefs and we haven’t operated kitchens. For this reason, we’ve put together a helpful list of stories and examples that we came across during our research. These stories are from food entrepreneurs like you, with great ideas, small budgets and lots of creativity. Have a read.

How I started a food delivery business with £1000.

MeatLiquor has teamed up with Deliveroo to open its first delivery-only kitchen in Canary Wharf.

Twisted launches First delivery-only restaurant in East London


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