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What beauty professionals can expect when they reopen salons

We know you’re busy getting ready to reopen salons, barber shops and treatment spaces when it’s safe again. That’s why we’re making it super easy for you to have access to information + resources in one place.

Are you ready? 😎

Check out what to expect for the future of your beauty business when it reopens.

  1. Clients will expect contactless methods of booking and payment. With health and safety being a top priority, all non-essential contact should be eliminated. That behaviour’s probably here to stay!
  2. The employer’s responsible for providing and paying for their employees’ Personal Protective Equipment​ (PPE). To cover these extra costs and compensate the additional time that is needed to clean, some establishments might need to raise their prices. Clients seems to understand the updated prices and are fine to pay extra – just make sure to communicate and explain new prices.
  3. Clients want to be informed about measures to ensure the health and safety of both customers and employees. You’ll be in close proximity with customers, this requires more strict standards for cleaning as well as new work processes, such as use of PPE and removal of items that clients usually handle.
  4. You’ll see a spike in booking numbers when lockdown is lifted. Make sure you’re ready to manage demand when reopen and have a secure system to save contact details, so you can keep in touch with these clients.

This is just the first blog of a series of free guidance for you! Next week, we will share a checklist to help you set a strategic plan to manage your demand when reopening. 

reopen salons

One more thing before you go… Get ready to the high demand for renting beauty, barbershop and treatment spaces, chairs and rooms that will be back when we go through this! List your space with Occupyd.

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