Optimise your Space Listing

Adjust, improve and optimise: a guide to filling your commercial space often and consistently.

Congratulations on your new Occupyd listing, you’re one step closer to making the most use of your space.

Now you think to yourself – “I’ve spent time setting up this listing, when does the money start rolling in and is there anything else I can do to get my space booked sooner?”.

Our objective at Occupyd is not only to display and share listings, but take active steps to filling space and engaging with the users on both sides of the transaction. We’ve compiled a brief best practice short-list to ‘level-up’ your listing and get those requests coming in.

Optimising Your Listing on Occupyd.com

  • Title: make sure you include relevant keywords for your listing (ie Commercial Kitchen – Chelsea or Hair Salon Bethnal Green). Avoid brand names or words that are unhelpful to the ‘searchabilty’ of your listing.
  • List your amenities in detail, this will save you answering unnecessary questions about your space and will act as a pre-approval for enquiries.
  • Imagery: this one is of highest importance, don’t underestimate the value good imagery has on a business. Follow the tips bellow for creating good photos with your mobile or personal camera.
    • Lighting, make sure your space is well lit to eliminate shadows and show the space more clearly.
    • A clean lens, mobiles can become smudged and dirty very easily, use a tissue or cloth to clean it properly before shooting.
    • Angles, play around with high, low and level angles that can change the perspective of the space.

Getting The Most from Your Space Listing Away from Occupyd.com

Do you have a business website? Do you use social media? Are you part of any community groups?

The best thing you can do is promote, share and engage with people who may be interested in hiring your space.

  • Add the listing to your website, with an active link you can help drive traffic and generate valuable ‘SEO link juice.’
  • Share your listing on social media, our users are often surprised at the people within their own network who are seeking space.
  • Post or email your listing to relevant community groups or clubs, this is where your creativity comes in handy.

We leave it up to you, these are best practices and helpful tips, if you introduce a few of them your listing is likely to get more traction and traction means bookings.