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Does Occupyd charge any fee?

We charge you nothing to be part of this community and receive booking requests.

The service you receive is funded by a small 5% commission on successful space bookings only – i.e. when the space user has sent your booking payment.

What is this 5% fee for?

By completing a booking through our secure payment system, you take advantage of all the benefits this brings and also support us to continue investing in the platform and advertising to expose your listings to hundreds more potential users!

What’re the benefits of listing my space on Occupyd?

  • Secure payment system that ensures you are paid on time 
  • Manage booking requests & payments through the user dashboard so you don’t need to chase up for money
  • Explore new markets and reach the right customers who want to pay to use your space

👉 check out all the benefits!

Note: We’ve purposely kept our platform as free and easy to use as possible but that means we need your cooperation to accept booking requests through Occupyd. Any bookings that are completed outside of Occupyd violate our Terms of Use. If we identify that a booking was made through alternative charging methods, we may cancel the request and deactivate the accounts of the Space Seeker and the Space Owner. 

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