New online booking system

We’re introducing a new feature to level up your experience with Occupyd. Now, you have access to a 360-degree online management system of your bookings and payments, all from a personalised space owner dashboard. 

You can chat with potential space seekers, manage your listings and set up payments directly through our website. You find all important information in one space! It’s just as simple as it sounds: easier to use, faster to get booked and more secure to manage payments. 

So, how it works?

  1. List your space for free on our site and get it in front of people who want to pay to use it
  2. When someone’s interested, they’ll send an enquire on the chat 
  3. You choose who to work with and on what terms – you’re always in control
  4. Once the booking period is defined, you can create a payment request and securely manage this and all the other payments online
  5. Just enjoy some extra income being automatically deposited into your bank account ✌️

We only charge a fee once the space is booked. The fees are as follows:

  1. Occupyd fee of 5%
  2. Payment processor fee of 1.4% plus 20p – for users in the UK based spaces

If you’re unsure how to price your space, drop us a message and we’ll gladly assist. You can find out more about how it works here or just get in touch with us on the live chat.

Speak with you soon!

Clara Gomes

Community Manager

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