Information about Occupyd

How it works

What is Occupyd?

Occupyd is a marketplace platform that aims to bridge the gap between demand and underused workspace. We facilitate connections between businesses that need space to get on with work and businesses that have more than they need, so that both can grow and thrive.

What Countries do you support?
At present we operate throughout the United Kingdom.

For Workspace Providers

How do I create a listing?
You can create a listing by clicking here and then filling in all of the required questions. You can create as many listings as you like and manage each of them separately. For example, if you have a building with two floors or a studio with side rooms, you could list them separately.

What does it cost to create a listing?
Absolutely nothing. Unlike conventional portals, we don’t charge anything to create a listing. We have a 7% commission on any payment made to you so that we only make money when you make money.

What happens when somebody books my space?
You will be notified by email and you will then have the opportunity to approve or decline their booking. You will be able to communicate with the person that made the booking to make arrangements and ask any questions you have.

I don’t want anybody in on certain days, is that ok?
No problem. When you create your listing, you will have the opportunity to update an availability calendar and you can choose to only have the space available on days when it suits you.

Do I have to give the  other party a key?
This is entirely up to you. Our objective is to facilitate the connection between both parties, but we can’t practically be involved in the relationship beyond that. We have therefore not set any rules for governing your interactions and you can choose how they gain access and what type of agreement you enter into with them.

How will I get paid?
We use Stripe to manage payments. When somebody books your space, they will make a payment that will then be released to you (minus fees) once they confirm that they have received access and used the space. The purpose of this mechanism is to prevent fraudulent space listings.

For Occupiers

How do I make a booking?
Search for the type of space you would like and click on a listing that you want to book. You will then see the availability of the space and be able to make a booking from that page.

How do I make arrangements?
There is a messaging function so that you can communicate with the space owner to make arrangements for gaining access to the workspace etc. once you have made a booking.

I only need space occasionally
Then this is perfect for you! You can book space by the day so that if you need a workshop near a job you have on, you can get it. If you need a kitchen for a catering gig in a different city, you can book it. Flexibility is what we are all about.

How do I pay?
We use Stripe to manage payments. You will pay when you make a booking and the payment will be released to the space owner once you confirm that the service has been delivered. If you are unable to get access to the space, please contact us to resolve the issue.