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Increase Revenue for your Kitchen With Occupyd – For free!

We know, we’ve been there, budgets are tight and you’ve just sunk a fistful of cash into running your business. Fitting out and maintaining a kitchen for a cafe or restaurant is an extremely difficult proposition. What if we told you there’s a solution which doesn’t involve any extra overhead from you or your business?

It’s simple. If your space is only being used for a portion of the day, you should be able to hire it out on when it’s not in use. Cafe owners are constantly forced to find extra revenue solutions around every corner – we’re Occupyd and we’re here to help you do that.

How Occupyd works

  • Create a free listing on Occupyd with your kitchen space’s details
  • Users will be able to find you based on a wide range of filters such as location and equipment.
  • Startups or entrepreneurs will then book your space for a short period at an agreed cost.

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Top Tips for Increasing Revenue with Occupyd

  • Make sure to include some photographs! 📸
  • Include as much detail in your listing as possible 🖊
  • Test out different rental prices to see what your sweet spot is 💷

Questions you may have

  • What if something breaks?
  • What if my utilities go up in price?
  • Who pays for any damages to the space?

These are all great questions, your business is one of your biggest assets and making sure that you find the right person to share your space is of highest importance.  At Occupyd we give people the tools to create professional connections that they can trust. Our goal is to connect users online so they can develop a professional and trustworthy relationship offline. 

The sharing economy, like AirBnb, Fat Llama, or any car sharing platforms each come with an element of trust for the opposite party, however, with that comes a robust platform to back up your decision making. 

We’re opening doors for businesses who have growing overheads including business rates, rental fees, utilities, wages, and equipment. None of these fees are nominal and each business has to address them. Make the most out of your space and start utilising 100% of your space’s potential.

Ready to share your space or learn more?

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Rent a dark kitchen! Kitchens ready for the delivery business, so you can focus on the food.