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How to use social media for small businesses during COVID-19

Now, more than ever, communication is key for small businesses! It’s an important time to use social media to keep in touch with your audience.

Check out these five social strategies for small business during this challenging time đź’ˇ

  • Important news

Share important news that is relevant to your customers. There’s tonnes of information out there, but what matters? Break it down into easily digestible social media posts.

  • Community messages

You can’t welcome customers through your doors, but you can still be seen! Unite your audience and share community messages – from announcements on delivery service to ways they can support your business.

  • Proactive hygiene practices

If you’re a food service open for delivery, this strategy is very important. By sharing new health and hygiene practices on social media, you’re showing your customers that their safety is a priority.

  • Positive content

Give your customers some distraction and joy! Share a special recipe, a creative story template, a fun fact about your business… They will be pleased to follow a business that also shares positive content!

  • Business continues

You should be conscious and considerate of the challenging times we’re all facing. However, you can still do business! Let people know how they can support your business, from buying a gift voucher now to be used later, leaving a review, ordering delivery or shopping online.

If you’d like to download our guide for small businesses using social media you can do so here

Use your business’s social media to foster a sense of community during Coronavirus.

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