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Tips and advice on how to run a pub kitchen

There are many things that go into making a successful pub. Having the right food menu is just one of these things. Décor and the elusive concept of atmosphere for example are also huge factors that customers cites as reasons for going to a pub.

The menu though is only as good as the kitchen and chefs that produce the menu items. 

Running a pub kitchen is a task with many moving parts. Literally there is a lot of movement in a busy pub kitchen. These moving parts have to be coordinated effectively to ensure that the pub is gaining value from every penny spent, crucial in an industry with such small margins and is going through such hardship at this time. 

Pub kitchen staff and chefs have to be put in a position where they can succeed. This means giving them the right space and equipment to allow them to flourish. Some of these factors are discussed below that all help answer the question of how to run a pub kitchen


Having enough storage space is obviously crucial to ensuring the pub kitchen has enough supplies to meet customer demand, for both food and drink. 

These supplies and storage of these supplies then must be determined by strong knowledge of customer demand as well as other factors such as delivery availability.

Whilst it may be tempting to use every storage space possible, these storage spaces must be easily accessible for staff during the busy periods to allow for efficient service for customers. Where storage space is limited it also may be necessary to pare back the food and or drink menu. This can allow a pub to benefit from larger bulk orders of inventory and have a more consistent offering for customers.


A well-equipped kitchen can elevate the food offering of a pub. 

Now, as the saying goes, a bad craftsman blames his tools. This can be applied to the work of chefs to some extent also. Providing chefs with a well-equipped kitchen though will greatly improve the chances for them to find success working in that kitchen and is crucial to the question of how to run a pub kitchen.

This equipment can include the obvious such as ovens, fryers and extraction units. Even here though there are many choices to make – electric or gas ovens, free-standing or countertop fryers.

Other equipment can be brought in depending on budget, space or indeed the theme of the pub. Pizza ovens for example have become an increasingly popular move for pubs to differentiate themselves and their food offerings. 


As I mentioned, theme is another deciding factor when it comes to running a pub kitchen. Gastropubs for example require a different approach with a view to running the kitchen than a more traditional pub. Added emphasis may need to be put on improving the quality of the food offerings and dining experience depending on the clientele the pub is wishing to attract. 

It is difficult to list all of the factors involved in how to run a pub kitchen. The factors discussed so far are just a few of these to get you thinking about your own kitchen and what could be improved. These factors will be important to help pubs continue to survive as the country slowly reopens – it is estimated that around two thirds of pubs lack an outdoor space to open within the current government regulations this month.  

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how to run a pub kitchen

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