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5 great tips on how to market your food business

The food industry is facing an unprecedented challenge brought about by the Covid-19 Pandemic. For many this has been a roller-coaster ride with things changing on a daily basis. Businesses have completely adapted one day and the next had to do it all over again in order to survive.

One thing is for sure, having an online presence powered by social media has never been more important. You can and should use digital marketing strategies when marketing your business.

Let’s look at how to market your food business online and offline to keep close to your customers and attract new clients.

1. Embrace a seasonal menu

Seasonal is a word that customers look for on menus, along with fresh and local. Do you want to change your menu seasonally without losing consistency?

Look to side dishes, sauces and garnishes as a way to follow the seasons. That way, you don’t have to take that popular dish off the menu but you can offer something seasonal.⠀

Different textures and tastes, especially when combined, can enhance the seasonality of a dish. For example, soups, pies and braised meat will bring out the comforts of winter. Whereas grilled meats, entrée salads and other lighter fare will highlight summer flavours. There are limitless combinations you can showcase your creativity and talent.

If your menu is not online yet, consider adding it into your your website and social media.

2. Send email newsletter

Food businesses that have customer lists can and should offer email communications. This can include information about delivery service, news on the menu, offers, hours changes or even ways to support your business.

Don’t forget to make sure your automated emails have a personal touch to create a deeper connection with your customers. Show that you’re personally writing the email to them and share how your business and its employees are doing.

3. Be active on social media

A mere virtual presence on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (you name it!) is not enough to make your brand top of mind.

Marketing is no longer about simply getting customers to buy products, people want to engage with brands and get to know their ‘personality’. Covid-19 makes this even more true as people are more receptive to supporting small businesses, confined to digital media for their social interactions and have more time on their hands!

“Interact with your audience when they take the time to interact with you.”

4. Team up with your local community and businesses

Team up with your local community to get featured on their directory and newsletters. You will also have the chance to connect with members that live around your area and can become your clients.

To add up, partnership with local businesses that share the same values as yours so you can both cross-promote your brands – it’s a win-win.

5. Provide delivery service to your customers

We first saw many cafes and restaurants adding takeaway menus to their model and, now, most have taken further steps introducing delivery services. Today’s customers expect to be able to order even from the most local restaurants through delivery. 

At Occupyd we’ve seen a surge in demand from professionals wanting to rent commercial kitchen space to service this increased delivery market demand.

Ready to promote your food business and attract more local customers?

If you need a kitchen space to start your food business, then you’ve come to the right place! Search our platform to find the perfect commercial kitchen to cook your delicious takeaway food…. then get feeding the nation!

5 great tips on how to market your food business Occupyd
How to market your food business

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