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side project or boosting your current business – you are going to need a space

Thankfully, Occupyd offer a way around those traditional long and expensive leases.

To discover your ideal space, visit our homepage and choose the location and type of space you are looking for. Like a kitchen in Shoreditch.

As soon as you find something suitable, simply sign up and request to book it or ask a question.

You can then speak directly to the Space Owner and reach an agreement that works for you both. You could even arrange a recce. Just to make sure the space will serve you well.

There are no hidden fees. Occupyd charges you nothing to be part of this community and find a space to rent.

Once you’ve got a roof, the sky’s the limit. 🚀

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Space to be Productive

Understanding the importance of your space and productivity. No matter if it’s an office, event space, salon chair, studio or commercial kitchen, we try to have a little something for everyone.


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Spending ages looking for the ideal space? Join Occupyd, discover commercial spaces across the country and lets get you meeting some Space Owners.


A perfectly safe space to start discussing the little details. We connect you with Space Owners via an online chat, allowing you to ask questions and negotiate your own terms.


There are no hidden fees. Occupyd charges you nothing to be part of this community and have access to a network of flexible commercial space.

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