Booking space through Occupyd

What happens after I request space?

Your request will be sent to the Space Owner and you’ll be connected together so you can submit questions, chat about the booking and arrange a viewing.

Remember: Your payment method will not be charged when you send a booking request and you won’t be charged anything until you have reached an agreement with the Space Owner.

Why do I need to add my payment details to request a space?

This process helps us to keep the platform safe and ensures we only connect real users who are genuinely interested. We use a secure third party payment provider so we don’t store your details at all.

We’ve integrated the secure payment provider Stripe, so you can be sure that the process is safe and seamless.

Can I view the space and chat with the Space Owner before I commit to rent it?

Sure! If you want to view a space or contact the Space Owner, you just need to click ‘Request Space’ so we can connect you together. You’ll be able to arrange a viewing directly with them or ask any questions as soon as your request is sent.

How do I ask a question to the Space Owner?

Simply hit the ‘ask a question’ button on any listing. Be sure to include as much information you can about what you want the space for and when. Enquiries with more detail are much more likely to be replied quickly.

What if I change my mind?

Sure! If you change your mind prior to the start date of your booking just let us know and we’ll refund you. If you don’t reach an agreement with the Space Owner they will decline your booking request and you will not be charged.

Do I pay any fees to Occupyd?

Paying through Occupyd ensures your booking payment is protected by our Cancellation and Refunds policy. 

Once the Space Owner confirms the request, your card gets charged and your payment is held by our secure payment system. If you change your mind any time up to 48 hours before the start date of your booking just let us know and we’ll refund you.
In the rare event that something didn’t work out during your booking period you can raise a dispute any time up to 48 hours after the end date of the booking. Your funds will be held securely whilst a dispute is investigated and returned to you should that be the outcome of the dispute resolution process. We keep your payments secure while you do business!
How is my payment protected with Occupyd?

Occupyd charges you nothing to be part of this community and search for commercial spaces. The service you receive is funded by a small 5% service fee on space bookings only. By requesting a space through our secure payment system, you take advantage of all the benefits this brings and also support us to continue investing in the platform and bringing high quality spaces to you!

We’ve purposely kept our platform as free and easy to use as possible but that means we need your cooperation to request to book through Occupyd and not use alternative methods.

How do I pay for the space I am renting?

We use Stripe to process payments, so you can be sure that the booking process is safe and seamless. As per our terms of use, you must complete the booking through Occupyd so that we can ensure the safety of your payment.

Hiring out your space with Occupyd

How do you list my space with Occupyd?

Simply go to List my space, this will take you through a quick process of adding some information and photos of your space before you submit your listing. It’s completely free to list your space on Occupyd!

Will my landlord let me do this?

Hairdressers have hired out chairs to freelancers forever, and it’s generally not considered a big deal by landlords. Occupyd formalises this opportunity and opens it to different types of businesses.

We have typically found that landlords value the opportunity for their tenants to make more money, as it secures their tenant. The last thing the landlord wants is a vacant unit and marketing costs.

If you are not the owner of the property and you are not sure if you have permission, you should check your lease before creating a listing. If your lease prevents you from sub-letting, speak to your landlord before going ahead.

How do I edit my listing?

You can edit your listing any time by navigating to your profile and clicking My Listings. Once on the listing page, click the pen icon to edit the entire thing or specific elements like photos, location or price.

I've submitted my listing, what next?

Great! 🥳 We’ll review your listing and put it live on the site within 48 hours. Live listings appear on the search page so that Space Seekers can easily find your space.

How will I get paid?

Your booking earnings will be automatically deposited into your bank account after each booking, minus our 5% service fee.

You have to ensure that you setup a Stripe payout account for this, which you can do here. Occupyd payment system ensures your earnings are paid securely upfront and you don’t need to chase up for money.

Does Occupyd charge any fees?

Occupyd charges you nothing to be part of this community and receive enquiries. The service you receive is funded by a small 5% commission on successful space bookings. This fee allows us to keep building our marketplace and increasing the value we provide to you – which means more and more bookings. We only get paid when you get bookings, so it’s win/win/win.

By Submitting your listing, you are agreeing to send payments and accept booking requests through Occupyd and not use alternative charging methods. 🤝

How much can I make from my space?

Cafes in London hire their kitchens out for around £100 – £150 a day, that’s £36,500 a year. If you’re unsure how to price your space, drop us a message and we will gladly assist. 

Remember, Occupyd’s fee is 5% so think about what you want to earn then add 5% e.g. if you want to charge £100/day, consider listing for £105/day.

What are my responsibilities as a Space Owner?

Space Owners need to make sure that their listings are accurate and up to date. If there are any significant changes to your space, update your listing as soon as possible.

Also, make sure you respond your enquiries and booking requests within 48 hours, so you maintain a high response rate and have more chances to rent your space. 

What is the risk of renting my space?

Businesses who don’t have space are desperate for it, that means when they get it, they don’t want to lose it. You’ll find they take care of the space they access better than they would their own.

If you are worried about something getting damaged there are a number of things you could do to ensure everything goes smoothly. 

Firstly, consider some basic training the first time that they are using your space. Even if they are highly proficient, talking them through your specific equipment will give you both peace of mind.

Just as with platforms like Airbnb, you could also arrange for your own contract to be prepared that any potential occupier would have to adhere to. This would lay out your own terms and any house rules in advance.

Some other suggestions which have worked well for others include:

  • Checking occupiers in and out

  • Installing CCTV

  • Taking a deposit

Is it a lot of work to manage my property?

Many businesses are looking for an on-going relationship. That’s why we made it easy for you to send a recurring payment request through our secure cashless system – this ensures the money is guaranteed to be transferred to your account and you don’t need to chase up for payments. 

So, once you find someone you like and make an arrangement, there may be little to no ongoing management. You might even make a new friend! 😊

How do I manage keys and access?

You can choose what you want to do here, either give them their own access or let them in and lock up after them, it’s all in your hands.

Do I have to use Occupyd safe payment system?

By Submitting your listing, you are agreeing to send payments and accept booking requests through Occupyd and not use alternative charging methods. 🤝 This ensures the money is paid securely upfront and is guaranteed to be transferred to your account.