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Catering Kitchen, Central Production Units or Dark Kitchens? What are the differences in between these 3 kitchens?

You may of heard all of these terms thrown around a be a little confused as to which is which. When you are looking for a kitchen to hire for your food business, you will likely have come across catering kitchens, central production units and dark kitchens and be wondering what sets them apart. Whilst […]

Rent commercial space: ‘Ask a question’ is here ⚡

We’ve been all ears here at Occupyd, listening to our users’ feedback about how we can improve the platform. We’re delighted to announce the arrival of a functionality that will allow Space Seekers to rent commercial space and connect with Space Owners in a quicker and easier way. Ask a question ✉️  Now Space Seekers will be able to connect […]

Reopening salons: you might need to readjust your prices based on this

Deciding how much you’re going to charge when reopening salons is a crucial decision to get right!  There’re some factors that you’ve always considered:  Your business location Your target market – are you going for high-volume turnover or the luxury end of the market The range and type of services you offer However, because of COVID-19, you might […]

Salons reopening: read this advice on having chair and room renters

After months of DIY disasters, your business will be very busy when it reopens – we can’t wait, right?  It’ll be essential to have chair, space or room renters to make the most out of your space whilst extending your opening hours as much as possible.  Think about it – you’ll need to… 💭 Safely spread customers throughout the day […]