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Tips on how to select the right food offering for your pub kitchen: best pub menu items

The pub experience is a cherished part of British culture, one that people from so many different backgrounds have been craving during the months of lockdown. You will learn in this blog post the best pub menu items for your business.

Pub food specifically is a unique sub-genre of the hospitality sector. Offering tasty, hearty food at affordable prices, pubs are the dining option for the masses. 

Coming up with the right menu is crucial to any pub’s success. Whilst other factors, such as atmosphere for example, may be greater factors that come up in customer surveys the pub menu can’t be overlooked. Whilst some industries have survived by offering added takeaway or delivery options during lockdown, the appeal of pubs is this elusive ‘atmosphere’ element that patrons most often cite as being top of their list of reasons to visit one. 

All pubs were forced to re-examine their food offerings with the government COVID-19 regulations dictating that a ‘substantial meal’ had to be provided alongside alcoholic beverages. It became even more crucial for pubs to have an up-to-par food menu, especially with other social distancing and hygiene rules in place restricting other aspects of the pub experience. This enhanced scrutiny on pub’s food menus will stand them in good stead as even though pubs are beginning to reopen this month there will be significant restrictions put in place, most significantly limiting the serving of alcohol indoors. 

Old favourites/ Traditional dishes 

  • Fish and chips 
  • Bangers and mash 
  • Roasts – beef and chicken 
  • Steak and kidney pie 
  • Full English breakfasts

Recent trends/ Non-traditional offerings 

  • Vegetarian/ Vegan options 
  • Tapas, sushi
  • Curry

The theme of a pub will of course factor hugely into what goes into the menu. Even traditional pubs though should experiment and make sure they keep up with any changes to customer’s expectations of the pub experience. For example, pub-goers in recent years have increasingly valued locally sourced produce. Being able to tell a story with certain dishes on the menu about the region a pub is located in can really help that pub stand out. 

This links into why the ‘Specials’ offering of any pub is also important to get right. Oftentimes changed daily these specials offer something different from the regular pub menu, for regulars and new customers alike. The attraction of seasonal food offerings is another feature customer look for in a pub menu. Pubs can satisfy these desires by injecting seasonal features into their special’s menu. 

There are certainly expectations of pubs to provide ‘traditional’ dishes on their food menu. This is not enough however if pubs are to cater to as many types of people as possible. With the number of people identifying as vegan or vegetarian projected to grow by up to 6 million people in 2021, providing these options on food menus are no longer a choice for pubs – they are a necessity.  

There are many different views on what pub food should be. Most pubs have to do their best to cater to as many of these expectations as possible, but the solutions as far as their food menu is concerned are achievable. 

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Tips on how to select the right food offering for your pub kitchen: best pub menu items Occupyd
Best pub menu items

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