How it works

Occupyd help get your commercial space in front of people who’ll pay to use it.

That means extra money from flexible arrangements for you and your business.

You’re in control.

You speak to users, choose whether to meet them and decide who to work with, on what terms.

Plus, there’s the added bonus that your space will be used to get help get new ventures off the ground.

Good Karma all round. 🙏


If you have commercial space that you don’t use for large sections of the day (think 24h🌙) or that you don’t entirely fill when using it, Occupyd can help.

Say you own a pub, and your kitchen closes at 9. That’s commercial space people will pay to use.

Or if you have a salon with empty chairs or rooms, that’s space you already have that could be paying you extra income.

We make it easy to earn more from what you already have.💸


  • Manage payments quickly, safely and securely
  • View and manage your bookings and payments through our online dashboard
  • Message potential space users through our platform
  • Access to Occupyd support
  • No hidden fees

All you need to get started

Create a listing in no time with just the following:

  • Sign up for a free account
  • Some photos of your space
  • The location
  • A description of the space and when it's available

Our Fees

We only charge a fee on completed bookings i.e. when the space user has paid. The fees are as follows:

  • Occupyd fee of 5%
  • Payment processor (Stripe) fee of 1.4% plus 20p (UK)

And that’s it, no hidden fees or obligations!