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How do I make my listing more competitive?

We’ve put together some tips to help make your listing as attractive as possible and get more enquiries. Here are some ways to improve your listing: Title: make sure you include relevant keywords for your listing (i.e. Bright commercial Kitchen in Chelsea or Modern hair Salon in Bethnal Green). Avoid brand names or words that are […]

Should I message Space Seekers after accepting their booking requests?

Once your listing is published on Occupyd, Space Seekers can request to book your space. When they do so, you’ll get a email notifying about your new request. There, you’ll find a link to message them through the Occupyd website.  We recommend sending a message to the Space Seekers once you accept their booking request. […]

What should I do if someone asks me to pay outside of the Occupyd website?

If someone asks you to pay for your space outside of Occupyd and using alternative charging methods (e.g. a bank transfer), you should repost the user immediately. Let us know We’re unable to apply our Cancellation and Refunds policy to booking payments that take place outside of Occupyd. Also, any bookings that are completed outside of Occupyd violate […]

Reopening salons: you might need to readjust your prices based on this

Deciding how much you’re going to charge when reopening salons is a crucial decision to get right!  There’re some factors that you’ve always considered:  Your business location Your target market – are you going for high-volume turnover or the luxury end of the market The range and type of services you offer However, because of COVID-19, you might […]

Salons reopening: read this advice on having chair and room renters

After months of DIY disasters, your business will be very busy when it reopens – we can’t wait, right?  It’ll be essential to have chair, space or room renters to make the most out of your space whilst extending your opening hours as much as possible.  Think about it – you’ll need to… 💭 Safely spread customers throughout the day […]