Occupyd offers a way for you to advertise for free your therapy and treatment room, communicate with interested professionals and get paid directly into your bank account.

thrive together

Our #1 priority is to make it possible to all business owners just like you to easily connect with a wide variety of therapists and practitioners so both can thrive. 


You can easily manage payments and invoices through our online secure system so you don’t need to chase up for money. We keep your payments secure while you do business!

create listing

List for free

It couldn’t be easier. Simply complete the short online form giving us a great title, a killer description and a few other brief details that help sell your space. We will review your listing and put it live asap. The listings that get the most attention are the ones with great photos and powerful descriptions, so don’t be shy 😉


Manage requests 

Our messaging platform allows you to respond directly to interested parties and exchange details. Once you’ve found the perfect professional, you can accept booking request and get earning.

Rent out your therapy room with Occupyd Occupyd

Collecting payment

Getting paid and chasing invoices is one of the hardest aspects of renting out your therapy and treatment rooms. We’ve made this easier by fully integrating our platform with Stripe so you can collect payments directly from the occupier.

We don’t charge you anything to list on Occupyd, believing that we should only make money when you do, which is why we are funded by a small 5% commission on transactions which is deducted from your earnings.

Still curious? Find out more about why you should rent your space on Occupyd